We are the Leading Entrepreneurs in Electrical Vehicles. Our mission is to bring the future movement to present with our Electric vehicles like E-Rickshaw & E-Loader.

In order to adopt such a new technology to a great extent, government regulations are always required. Presently, there have been few initiatives by the Indian government to promote electric vehicles. However, there have been very fewer efforts related to the regulation of foreign manufacturers into the Indian market, local manufacturing and taxes levied etc. India is embarking on the path of adopting electric vehicles in the country with the target of converting many vehicles into Electric by 2030. We join our hands with India’s Electric Mobilities Target.

India is on the ambitious goals of having 6-7 million Electric Vehicles by 2020 and further increasing the same by 2030.

In this direction, we initiated the promotion of Environmental Friendly Electric Vehicles.

Electric Vehicles could soon become cost competitive with traditional vehicles and profitable. Soon these vehicles become more appealing and will become more demand and profitable.

Electric Vehicles produce very less global warming emissions than their conventional counterparts. These vehicles are Noise free, Vibration free, smoke-free, thermal free, petrol & diesel free. In total, Electric Vehicles are pollution free.